Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sisterhood Stories

Today, I'm joining fellow photograpahers for another chance to share Sisterhood Stories with them.  This week, I've chosen to share the magical moments I've been able to capture with my iPhone.  

Recently, a friend of mine bought me a  mug that said "Stop me before I volunteer again."  Having said "yes" to too many volunteer commitments, and having a strong sense of obligation once committed, I have finally been letting others have an opportunity to do some of the volunteer work I was "hogging," and practicing the word "no."  

A few friends have passed away recently, and it reminded me that what really matters is making lasting connections with my family and myself.  

The simple, but effective word "no" has given me time for more beautiful moments.  It's important to do things, like take a relaxing sunset stroll with my children and dogs. 

And setting up a homemade tent and having a backyard picnic with my kid.
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 Remember to cherish the simple things in life.  Thank you for stopping by today!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A moment in my life...

Today, I'm joining forces with fellow photographers, to share a moment in my life, and to share their wonderful photography with you.  We're linking our blogs together, so grab a tea or coffee, and spend some time to follow the links.

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The moment I want to share with you, is the birth announcement of my clients twins, who were born on Monday, September 10, 2012.  Photography gives us the chance to capture moments in life.  Some moments feel like they will last forever, especially the last few months of pregnancy,  but in fact, when you look back you realize how fast time flies.

I convinced this client that she needed to capture this pregnancy.  She was so glad she decided to document this exciting occasion in the life of her growing family.  While we were on this photoshoot, I told them, one day your grandchildren will look at these photos and say, those are my grandparents, when they were expecting my parents.  
Excitingly, she was expecting, and is now the proud mother of twins.  Interestingly, both parents are identical twins, and their grandparents are twins. 

Remember to cherish the happy moments in life, and hold them still with beautiful imagery when you can.  The new twins are healthy, happy, and ready to begin an exciting journey.  You can expect memorable photos of them soon, too.

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