Friday, April 10, 2009

Pink IS Spring's Signature Color

My children and I are visiting family in North Carolina. We've noticed pink nearly everywhere we've gone.
Pink Dogwood (1)

We thought you'd enjoy our tour of the "PINK" Spring we've found in the South. First, there are gorgeous pink Dogwood Tree's in bloom everywhere.
Pink Dogwood

And those lovely dogwood trees frame the houses so beautifully.
Pink and white dogwoods

Next, pack your bags for a trip to "The Biltmore Estate" in Asheville, North Carolina. It's time for the Spring Flower Festival. We discovered that if you want photos of the gorgeous pink tulips, with no people milling about, arrive at dusk.
The Biltmore Estate Gardens at Dusk

As you stroll peacefully through the gardens of the largest private home on the East Coast, and you see all of the beautiful tulips, you'll be tickled pink.
The Biltmore Estate Gardens at Dusk

And there is nothing nearly as pretty as the tulips there.
The Biltmore Estate Gardens at Dusk
Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you've enjoyed our Spring Break tour.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Flower Fields ~ Carlsbad, California

Have you ever stood in a field of flowers? Until yesterday, I could say, no way.
The Flower Fields ~ Carlsbad, CA
But now that I found my way to the flowerfields in Carlsbad, it's a wonderful feeling and experience. The official "Flower Field" website said the ranunculus are 65% in bloom. Can you imagine 100%???

Here are some pink ranunculas, which is my favorite color.
The Flower Fields ~ Carlsbad, CA
These flowers came in ever color and variety, but I'm showing you the pink toned images. I thought it would be fun to photograph a few "ant" views, and got so dirty taking some of these.


The Flower Fields - Ant view - Carlsbad, California