Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sisterhood Stories...Happy Halloween!

Welcome to another edition of Sisterhood Stories. Please follow the blog links, through a group of International photographers for some insights and inspirations. This week, I wanted to unveil the Lanes Family's Halloween costumes. ;)   My eldest, is a Spanish Pirate.

My youngest is Elmo.  Her best friend is Big Bird, which by the way, is the most popular costume in the U.S. this year since the candidates mentioned Big Bird during one of the debates. Going with the bird theme, my husband is a a person riding an ostrich, and I'm a peacock.  P.S. The only reason the adults have costumes in this family is because of a Halloween party we attended that require costumes for entry.

Have a Happy Halloween and please follow the Sisterhood links to my sister in photography Aziza Alghunaim, of Little Twinkles.


  1. Very cute costumes! Love yours in particular :-)
    Happy Halloween xx

  2. Sweet! I would love an Elmo costume for myself!

    1. The little kids kept hugging Elmo and following her around. It was so cute! ;)

  3. I love the costumes particularly your mask Abby. x

  4. You have the most adorable kids Abby xx


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