Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Editing Fun / Fix it Friday #80

I Heart Faces has weekly editing challenges.  This is a fun way to learn some new editing techniques, and see what various editing tools can do.  This week's original photo is by Jessica Page, for the "I Heart Faces" Fix it Friday challenge.
Link to Jessica Page site
If you want to play along, and edit this too, or just read the tutorials,  here is the link.

Link to I Heart Faces - Photo Editing Fun / Fix it Friday #80

Software Used:  Adobe Photoshop CS
Step 1 - Actions Used - Paint the Moon - wonder quickie
Paint the Moon blog

Step 2 - Dodge tool on teeth, eyes, and under eyes to lighten.  I used the healing brush on the older girls scar between her eyes, and I cloned the younger girls teeth to fill the gap.  I burned the background and the hot spots on the girls faces to recover some of the lost detail from the bright sun.

Step 3 - MCP action - fake blue sky (in the Bag of Tricks Action Set)
Link to MCP Actions - Bag of Tricks

Step 4 - Rotate 15% CCW and crop in a square.  To keep the fingers I had to clone the older girls jacket and shirt to fill the frame.

Voila. That is my edit.  I look forward to seeing yours too.  Happy Fix it Friday!


  1. Love the square crop, I love how it balances out the where the top of the frame was cut off!

  2. Nice work Abby!! Great photo to start with too!

  3. Very nice! Love the way you can fix the sky!

  4. Looks great!! love the crops and color! :)

  5. Love it! Love the cropped edit too!


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