Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family of Five

     Photographers are lucky when they get to work with a family on more than one occasion. I had the good fortune of photographing this family's children a few years ago.  This time, they wanted the whole family to get into the act. 

  They wanted a chohesive look for all five of them.  A nice way to unify a family is to make complimentary wardrobe choices.  Luckily, their mom, has a knack for chosing just the right colors, fabrics, and styles to make a photo pop.

We shot in two locations, and with one wardrobe change.  The pink and black and blue jean combo worked so well with the 1920's Spanish style architecture at Malaga Cove, in P.V.E., CA.

And the knitted earth tones worked well at the Wilderness Park setting, in Redondo Beach, CA.  Another plus, we had a relaxed session, and enjoyed our time together, which shows in the photographs.

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