Wednesday, March 19, 2014

“The only thing constant in life is change” ― François de La Rochefoucauld

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Change is constant, and when studying history, you can connect with how much something has changed.  When you're an elementary student, you learn about history.  Depending on which State you live in, you often have lessons about your home State. When I grew up in North Carolina, we learned about "The Lost Colony," along with many other lessons.

Since my children are learning the historical events of California, it's fun to co-learn this State's rich history alongside them. 

While many English and French explorers and settlers were traveling to the East Coast of the America's, the Spaniards chose to explore and explore and settle the West Coast.  Spanish colonists arrived with a plan, to build missions along the California coast.  Each mission was built "a day's walk" from the next.  From 1769 to 1823, these Spaniards manage to build 21 missions from Sonoma to San Diego.  My daughter was assigned a project report for Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, the 18th mission, seen below.

Since change is constant, over the years this 18th Mission fell into disrepair, and has since been restored.  At one point in it's long history, California seized the mission from the Catholics.  Shortly before his assassination, President Abraham Lincoln signed ownership of the mission back to the Catholic Church.

What I find most amazing about the topic of "change" is that my 4th grade daughter was given the option to make an iMovie about her mission.  The teacher suggested if they chose that option they download an iPad app.  My 4th grader made this movie (link below)!   Just 2 years ago, my other daughter, who had the same teacher,  had the same mission report.  The iMovie wasn't even considered, or as easy to create as it is for the current class of 4th graders.  

It's so important to embrace the moment we live in, because before you know it, things will change again!

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  1. This mission reminds me very much of the Spanish missions I visited in San Antonio, TX - they are beautiful places. It is amazing that your daughter was allowed or asked to do the project as a video, and what a great job she did! Times really are changing all the time...

  2. I love this! It's great to see teachers embracing all the new opportunities the kids now have to learn and to integrate them into their work.

  3. Abby it is amazing how quickly times are changing, sometimes for the better and others it seems life is moving way to fast! Tell your daughter good job on the project and I think it's pretty cool her teacher is staying on top of tech the kids love that!

  4. as a history nut you got me all kinds of excited ... 1. because it's california 2. i get to do this with my own munchkin one day! Love it. xx

  5. What a lovely project! I love that technology means that kids have so many options now for completing projects - I hope she's loving it as much as you clearly are learning alongside her!


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