Wednesday, October 3, 2012

“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World.” ~ Christopher Columbus

Welcome to another edition of "Sisterhood Stories," an international blog circle of photographers.  Grab a tea or coffe, follow the blog links, and be inspired.

On Monday, October 8, 2012, we will celebrate the U.S. holiday, Columbus Day.   It's a day when we honor the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World.  This arrival marks new beginnings in history, and a reflection of the bravery of European Explorers.

How does this day connect with photography?   I had the pleasure of photographing a young girl, who is about to begin her journey into the world of modeling.

 She was invited to become part of a successful modeling agency, and with that, she needed photos.

In her own way, she's setting sail on an adventure, and will make many new life discoveries of her own.

Explorers by definition step into the unknown.  Sometimes human nature causes us to fear the unfamiliar, and cling to routine.
But by braving new worlds, we feel more courageous, experience new possibilities in our lives, and we grow. 

What expeditions are you starting in your life?  What new journeys will you embark on soon?  Think of how small those vessels were that brought Christopher Columbus and his fellow explorers to the New World, yet they arrived safe and sound. Move towards something unfamiliar, and let me know what New Worlds you uncover.

Please follow the link to my sister photographer Az Alg, of Little Twinkles


  1. What a stunning girl and exciting life ahead of her.

  2. oh Abby beautiful photos and beautiful young lady... I love your writing and the way you set the mood for us to sit back and read along this amazing circle of love and friendship xx

  3. She's beautiful! What have I set my sails towards? I don't have the "big plan" yet, for now I go on with my daily life, it's a journey of it's own xoxo

  4. How exciting for this lovely young girl to be setting out on a great adventure!!! I look for adventures every day, small or big - each step is towards a new opportunity, a new meeting, or a new realisation that we are so lucky to be alive. xxx

  5. Gorgeous photos and isn't she just stunning! Writing these posts for the Sisterhood Stories is my new expedition. Writing doesn't come naturally to me and so I'm growing with each post. xoxo, Kristi


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